Nesplora, soluciones innovadoras para el estudio de la conducta

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Products of Nesplora

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The design and development of all our products are based on two essential pillars: the state of the art neuroscience research and application of the most advanced technologies. In this way we obtain innovative, high quality products, with a high added value and scientific rigor. 

Aula Nesplora

AULA: The most advanced test for the evaluation of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

AULA is an evaluation test which employs virtual reality to facilitate diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder, with and without Hyperactivity (ADHD).

ISLA CALMA: All your senses in a different place

It is an interactive, relaxing, virtual environment, designed to distract the user from painful, anxiogenic or stressful situations.

E-MINTZA. Communicator for people with autism

E-Mintza is an augmented Communication system to facilitate communication to people with autism and other disorders involving speech or communication problems.


ERRAND. Virtual environment for the evaluation of executive functions

A virtual environment which evaluates executive functions in population with acquired brain injury, schizophrenia, substance abuse and Adult ADHD, among other pathologies.

MIRESPENA. Videogame to train self-esteem.

It is a software designed to train and improve self-esteem of people.

Monité. A videogame to prevent peer harassment in school (bullying)

MONITÉ is a game designed to teach and educate on core values of respect, empathy, assertiveness and conflict resolution, all proposed in a fun and playable way, with educational support for educators, parents, schools and therapists.


Nesplora and all of his products was supported 2010 to 2012 by the Centre of Industrial Technological Development of Spain, under the NEOTEC funding program (reference number IDI-20110031).

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